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Creating, maintaining, and regularly posting new content on a website can be a lot of work for you and your team, and it can be overwhelming at times, and way more than you can keep up with. Thankfully, AI can fill the gap you are struggling to fill. Not only that, it can do it at a much lower price and in less time than any human could. Here is a list of AI tools for WordPress that may help you.

MyCurator Content Creation

Don’t have time to create new content? Maybe Content Curation can help you. Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds a specific subject matter. Content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence. But this still takes time, right? That’s where AI tools like MyCurator come in.

MyCurator is an inexpensive cloud-based and AI-driven content curation tool. It has a free individual plan and 30-day trials for the Pro and Business plans. Check out their pricing here. MyCurator uses a Machine Learning Relevance engine to identify the best content from the web, leaving out the junk.

Their Machine Learning Relevance engine lets you train MyCurator with a simple up or down vote on an article. After just a few articles MyCurator will classify the good articles – weeding out 90% or more of the junk and spam articles, saving a huge amount of time.

With one click curate the article into your WordPress Editor with an excerpt, image, and attribution ready to go. Just add a paragraph to tell your readers about the article and you’ve created content for your site!

Once My Curator gets sufficient information, it can automatically curate articles in your WordPress editor with excerpts, images, and attributions.

It simply creates curated content for any topic you select and gradually improves the result by learning from what you add or vote on. Learn more about MyCurator here.


MyCurator has a free individual plan as well as two paid verses for as little as $15/month

Quttera Web Malware Scanner (Free)

Quttera Web Malware Scanner is a free security plugin that scans your website for malware, trojan, virus, spyware, and anything that can harm your site.

This plugin uses Artificial intelligence and cloud technology to do all of these tasks. The AI gives it the ability to not only identify known threats but also recognize yet unknown ones.

However, this is just a scanning tool and cannot protect your website from getting affected. For complete security, you may need to follow other security measures.


Quttera is 100% free.


Watsonfinds is a relatively new AI-driven plugin designed to help you communicate what you intend, and encourage your readers towards your objective. The plugin predicts the emotion of your readers while reading your content. Watsonfinds is currently free, but they are working on a paid version that includes new features and advanced insights.

The plugin analyzer analyzes posts, pages, product descriptions, and comments of your WordPress and gives insights into 5 different emotions. The objective of these insights is to encourage you to write better content.

Every time you analyze your content, the plugin will display a popup showing the insights divided into 5 different emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. Bringing to light the intensity score of each emotion in percentages.

You can use these insights to modify and improve every word until you get the content that will convey your intended message and inspire the reader to meet your objective.

There is a timeline to help you review and keep track of all your progress. Watsonfinds uses the IBM Watson technology to provide the power of Artificial intelligence in your content. You can find more information here.


Watsonfinds is 100% free.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is designed to help you create high-ranking content on Google. It has tons of free learning resources to help you create content with good SEO, and several other free resources, including an AI outline generator and keyword surfer. Many more features are opened up with the paid version, starting at $50/month.

Here are some of the main features of a paid plan on Surfer SEO that make it a compelling AI tool that can greatly improve your content writing process. 

  • Content planner to generate content ideas and an overall content strategy with Surfer’s algorithm for your blog or website
  • The only SEO tool that integrates well with AI writer (Jasper) to create SEO friendly content
  • Integrates with other content writing and publishing tools such as Google Docs and WordPress
  • Get content guidelines and suggestions to increase your rankings for existing content
  • Audit of your pages based on content gaps and the niche with actionable suggestions


Surfer SEO comes with 3 plans starting at $49/month paid annually.

If after using Surfer for 7 days you’re not satisfied, simply contact our support team via chat or email, and we’ll process your refund request. No questions asked! If 7 days isn’t enough time to get to know Surfer, you can extend the money-back guarantee to 30 days by sharing your feedback with us on how we can make Surfer even better!

Surfer SEO


Jasper is Artificial Intelligence trained to write original, creative content. Here are some of the outstanding features of Jasper AI that make it a leading AI content writing tool. 

  • Over 50+ copywriting templates to generate short-form copy in different styles and formats 
  • Different tones of voices to create educated, funny, iconic, or professional content
  • Prompts and guides to help you guide the AI tool in the right direction
  • Use multiple copywriting skills and templates in a single long-form document
  • Multiple projects with options to organized projects in different folders
  • Enhance AI content with Surfer SEO integration to create SEO focused content
  • Write and translate in over 25+ different languages (Currently in beta and included with the plans)


Jasper comes with 2 plans starting at $30/month. It also comes with a free trial giving you 10,000 words, which expires 5 days after your free trial starts.

WordLift (Starting at $55/month)

WordLift is a unique plugin that uses its knowledge graph to help you write better content with improved SEO. It has a 14-day free trial, then it is $55/month for the starter plan.

WordLift connects to your existing website, reads your content, finds entities in it (like places and people), and creates a representation of your content search engines will love.

Like a content writer and editor, it adds trustworthy facts, images, and helpful links to your content using data harvested from around the web.

As the content in your website grows, the plugin gets smarter and you get better content recommendations.


WordLift comes with 3 plans starting at €49/month (Approximately $54/month).

All of our subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial. If after two weeks you are not happy with WordLift, contact us and we will unplug your subscription, no questions asked. In addition, with the purchase of our 6-month or 12-month packages, we offer free additional months.


18 AI Writers

Maybe neither MyCurator nor Jasper is the right fit for you, but you still don’t have time to be creating content yourself? Don’t give up on AI content yet. There are plenty of other AI writers out there. Check out these 18 great AI Writers.

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