Content Creation Process

Kontent Network aspires to write high-quality posts that readers will share and search engines will recommend. Creating those posts involves many different skills and processes. When everyone does their part we create great content together.

What are those parts? We have listed each step below. For each step we look at:

  • A short description of the step
  • Who is responsible for the step
  • The goal for the step
  • How much credit successful completion provides

Note that snippets and digests only require the following steps:

  • Research Keywords (limited)
  • Write Content
  • Polish
  • Review Grammar
  • Review Final Production

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Draft Content Brief

First, create a draft as either a pitch or a brief. Use the pitch to capture an idea quickly. Later, we will copy that into the first section of the content brief.

Submit Pitch

Write a short description of an idea for a post. Include as many details as possible. Pitches with everything needed for a brief get approved faster. If you haven’t written for KN before, include your name and email.

Who: Anyone with a great idea!

Goal: Submit pitches via pitch form on each site.

Credit: 1 Kudos per pitch leading to a published post. 1 kudos per 1000 UVs.

Approval: Editors only grant credit for pitches that meet the pitch completeness criteria for that site.

Time: 5-10 minutes up to an hour for features and series

Review Pitch

Read pitches. Check for redundancy with other pitches and briefs. If you decide to promote to the next phase, request or complete the keyword and resource research sections of the worksheet.

Who: Editor

Goal: Content brief or archived pitch

Credit: 1 Kudos per 10 reviewed pitches

Time: 1-2 minutes

Research Keywords

Find keywords that are high traffic, get high bids for ads, and have low competition. Make sure to match the topic, audience, and voice of the site(s) you are serving.

Who: Writer (snippets, digests). Senior Editor or SEO Editor (articles, some series, episodes), SEO Editor (features, high-profile series)

Goal: When researching for a specific content brief, add results to the draft brief. If research leads to ideas for a post, submit a pitch. Otherwise, add research results to a password-protected post in the Keywords category.

Credit: 2 kudos per pitch/brief. Additional 3 kudos per published post. 5 kudos per 1000 UVs. Keyword posts do not yield kudos directly, but editors will credit you as your research is used.

Time: 15 minutes up to an hour for features and series

Gather Resources

Find links about the topic, images, statistics, summary of findings, affiliate links, etc. Provide as many resources as possible, but sort them by usefulness.

Who: Researcher, Image Librarian, SEO Editor (for competitor content), Interviewer, Survey editor. Lead by Senior Editor.

Goal: Enter resources in the relevant fields in the draft content brief.

Credit: 1 kudos per resource used in the published post. For a survey or interview, the general editor awards kudos (typically 10-30) based on effort and results.

Time: Up to 5 minutes per resource

Complete Content Brief

Outline all of the details writers and other team members need to create a great post. Base content briefs on keyword research results, pitches, or a combination of both.

Who: Senior Editor or General Editor

Goal: Completed content brief

Credit: 10 kudos per brief. 5 kudos per 1000 UVs.

Time: Up to 30 minutes, 10-minute average

Edit SEO Notes

Do additional keyword research as needed. Check resources. Ensure that all SEO-related items in the content brief are ready. Make good use of this final opportunity to add keywords or key phrases.

Who: SEO Editor (features, high-profile series). Editor with the option to escalate (all others)

Goal: Completed and reviewed content brief.

Credit: 1 Kudos

Time: 5-10 minutes

Produce Content

Base all production only on completed and approved briefs.

Record or Gather Audio / Video Content

Record audio or video or find sources that can legally be used.

Who: varies by type

Goal: Upload files to Kontent Network’s large file storage.

Credit: 2 kudos per raw audio/video minute. Capped at 5 times the length specified by the content brief.

Time: Up to 2 hours setup for series then record time plus 10% for each recording

Edit Audio / Video Content

Edit content as specified in the content brief.

Who: Audio or Video Editor

Goal: Upload finished audio or video files to WordPress or CDN

Credit: 10 kudos per audio minute. 30 kudos per video minute.

Time: 2x (audio), 5x (video) raw record time

Transcribe Audio / Video

Type full content or key takeaways.

Who: Transcriber

Goal: Add typed content to draft post.

Credit: 2 Kudos per 1000 words.

Time: Up to 30 minutes per 1000 words

Write Content

Choose one content brief at a time. For series content (snippets, digests, episodes), use the series’ content brief. Write share-worthy content that meets all of the requirements in the brief. See Writing Guidelines.

Who: Writer

Goal: Draft post

Credit: 2 kudos (snippets), 3 kudos (digests, series intros), 1 kudos per 100 words after trim (all others). 5 kudos per 1000 UVs.

Time: Up to 30 minutes per 1000 words

Refine Content

Review Written Content

Review the post. Even if approved, provide feedback for writers and other contributors. Ignore grammar for now. Focus on enabling sharable content. Make simple edits. Comment on the need for larger changes.

Who: Editor

Goal: Leave several helpful comments. Then return the post to the writer or other contributors to fix the problems. Or, reject it entirely with the causes specified.

Credit: 1 kudos per 1000 words. Appeal to Senior Editor for additional kudos at the writer’s expense if you did extensive editing.

Time: Up to 10 minutes per 1000 words – target 5


Fix the post based on the editor’s feedback.

Who: Writer

Goal: Revised draft

Credit: Already included in kudos for writing content.

Time: Whatever it takes – unpaid learning time folks

Trim Content

Cut out all the fluff. Remove the filler words, unhelpful headers, and stuffed keywords. Unrepeat the repetitions. Be concise.

Who: Trimming editor or any editor except the reviewing editor.

Goal: Shorter draft.

Credit: 1 kudos per 1000 words before trim. 1 kudos per 100 words trimmed.

Time: 5 minutes per 1000 words

Review Trim

Make sure nothing was removed that should not be.

Who: Senior Editor

Goal: Trim approval.

Credit: 1 kudos per 1000 words in the original.

Time: 5 minutes

Review Grammar

Take a fine-tooth comb to the uncouth tome. Proofread the post and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Fix whatever else you decide is an error.

Who: Grammar Editor

Goal: Legible Draft

Credit: 3 Kudos per 1000 words

Time: 5 minutes per 1000 words

Enable Sharing and Promotion

Generate Titles

Come up with as many titles as possible based on the keywords provided in the content brief. Place the key phrase at or near the beginning of the titles. Pull quotes and concepts from the content for alternate titles that grab attention.

Who: Writer or Editor.

Goal: Titles in post meta.

Credit: 1 kudos per approved title.

Time: Up to 30 minutes for highly promoted content – average 5 minutes

Create Excerpts

Select several 20-40 word quotes, interesting facts, and summaries from the text. Target at least 1 selection for every 200 words. Include the keyphrase or other SEO keywords from the content brief in as many of the excerpts as possible. Always imply or end with a question or offer more detail in the post. Compel the reader to click.

Who: Writer or Editor.

Goal: Excerpts in post meta.

Credit: 1 kudos per approved excerpt.

Time: Up to 30 minutes for highly promoted content – average 5 minutes

Add Meta

Select the primary title. Check image and ad placement, metadata, category, and tags.

Who: Senior Editor (feature, series), Editor (all others)

Goal: Complete draft.

Credit: 2 kudos

Time: Up to 5 minutes


Review SEO

Review anything impacting Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Adjust SEO processes to improve content briefs.

Who: SEO Editor (for select posts only). Not always required.

Goal: Feedback to the team. Minor edits.

Credit: 1 kudos per post. The general editor awards additional kudos for helpful feedback. SEO editors should seek to post feedback as posts on the site when possible for additional kudos.

Time: Up to 5 minutes

Review Grammar

Check titles, excerpts, SEO edits, and anything else that changed since the grammar edit.

Who: Grammar Editor

Goal: Draft post with correct grandmas.

Credit: 3 kudos. General editors may award additional kudos per post from “certain” contributors.

Time: 5-minute average

Review Final Production

Review the post to make sure you and everyone else did their job correctly.

Who: Editor (snippets, digests). Senior Editor (articles, episodes), General Editor (features, series)

Goal: Published post!

Credit: 1 kudos for each follow-up session / email.

Time: As fast as possible only checking for likely errors

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