How to Brainstorm

When you have a problem and no idea how to solve it, you need a brainstorm!

A brainstorm is a special type of meeting where every idea no matter how crazy is welcome and invited. We use brainstorming to find creative solutions to complex problems.

An idea as crazy as shooting the hostage may lead to the perfect idea for getting more customers.

To make a brainstorm pour down thousands of great ideas you need a few things:

  1. People: Gather a diverse group to get lots of ideas flowing.
  2. Place: Make sure everyone can hear other people’s ideas so they can build on those ideas.
  3. Problem: Clearly state what the problem is without putting limits on what counts as a valid solution.
  4. Prior attempts: Share anything you have tried and why it did not work.
  5. Patience: Wait until the end of the meeting to evaluate ideas. Avoid exploring any single idea for too long.
  6. Positive reinforcement: The craziest ideas lead to the best solutions. Encourage craziness.
  7. Participation: Make room for less talkative members to present the ideas you would never have thought of, the ideas that drove you to brainstorm in the first place.

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