Make Money Doing What You Love!

If you are a 14 to 24-year-old, what does “making money doing what you love” mean to you?

If you are 25+ ask a few people in that age range what this means to them. I think we are in for a big surprise!

Doing what you love was the dream of gen X and the demand of millennials, but what about post-millennials? Is this a thing anymore? What do post-millennials want in a job?

Is this a dream that will ever happen? Or, is this just a setup for selling some educational product, an advice post, or even something totally unrelated?

“Make Money Doing What You Love!” …sounds like a sales pitch, right?

What if we really did start a company just to help you gain experience in a field you care about? Ever notice that even entry-level jobs require years of experience? What if we found a way to pay you while you get that experience?

How can we find you and others interested in good pay for an entry-level job in a field you are interested in? Specifically, what keywords are you using when trying to find a job? Also, what keywords or phrases in an advertisement would get your attention?

Will you?

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