How to Use WordPress as a Writer for Kontent Network

Within WordPress, all that the writer is going to be using will be within the “Posts” tab on the sidebar. Once you’re there, you have the option to add a new post or edit a previous post.

WordPress posts page

Adding a New Post

To add a new post, click on the blue “Add New” button at the top of the page by the title “Posts.”

Managing a Post

If you hover over a post, you have four options:

  1. Edit – Open the edit page so that you can make any edit.
  2. Quick edit – Allows you to quickly edit the title, publication date, author, etc.
  3. Trash – Delete a post (you may not delete others’ posts without their express permission).
  4. View post – Open the post.

Writing an Article

First of all, there are articles that are researched and ready to be written in ClickUp. Go to our article about How We Use ClickUp as a Writer so that you can learn how to get to that list. After that, Chose one of those and start writing using the research that someone else has already compiled. Alternatively, you could create your own idea on ClickUp, do the research, and write the article on your own.

Check out our article on SEO and Readability Basics for Writers to make sure that your writing is SEO friendly and easy to read. When you are done writing the initial article and it is ready for review, make sure to add a category. You can do so by clicking on the gear in the top-right corner -> post -> categories -> check the box that goes with the correct category according to our Content Format Categories.

After the article has gone through all the steps stated in our ClickUp guide and you are ready to publish, click the blue “Publish” button at the top twice.

Congrats! You have learned how to use WordPress as a writer!

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