• Unsplash: Top Image Sources

    Unsplash: Top Image Sources

    Welcome to part 2 of our series on image sources! Last time we talked about Pixabay, and today we’re taking a look at Unsplash. Let’s get right into it.

    Unsplash offers over 3 million beautiful photos, free in every way. As Unsplash puts it:

    • All photos can be downloaded and used for free
    • Commercial and non-commercial purposes
    • No permission is needed (though attribution is appreciated!)

    They do, however, have Premium images that are not free.

    What’s not allowed:

    • Photos cannot be sold without significant modification.
    • Compiling photos from Unsplash to replicate a similar or competing service.

    Also, they have very readable documentation, when it comes to the Privacy Policy, Terms & Services, etc.

    Their categories are pretty awesome too. They have everything from wallpapers to 3D renders to architecture, nearly any category you could want. There’s no way I could cover all the features of Unsplash. So my suggestion would be to go check it out yourself!

    I’ll be back soon to talk about Shutterstock Royalty-Free Images. Let me know in the comments below if I missed anything important about Unsplash, and what you think of it!

  • Top Image Sources: Pixabay

    Top Image Sources: Pixabay

    This is going to be the first of many short posts exploring some of the top image sources. We’ll be looking at prices, royalties, number and quality of photos, and any other little perks or downsides I run into. Let’s start with Pixabay.

    Pixabay advertises having over 2.6 million free images. They have a large collection of free beautiful photos, and even more options if you’re willing to pay for their sponsored iStock images. The prices for the images vary.

    All Pixabay images are royalty-free, and free for commercial or non-commercial purposes, though it warns that: “depicted content may still be protected by trademarks, publicity or privacy rights.”

    Pixabay also offers videos, GIFs, illustrations, and vector graphics, with resolution settings.

    So there we go, that’s Pixabay. Soon we’ll be looking at Unsplash.

  • Bethany’s Progress Report Day 92

    I did my everyday Kontent stuff and then wrote a post to share BuhkhuB on DHTC. I’m hoping to get feedback from the teens on there, to help me decide what the best plan for BuhkhuB is.

  • Bethany’s Progress Report Day 91

    I started writing down a presentation of BuhkhuB to share on DHTC. I haven’t finished it yet. Anna Marie and I worked on my feedback for Ava. She proofread, and I fixed the mistakes that she pointed out. That’s all I did on day 91. We’re preparing for travel, so Kontent time is a little short.

  • Bethany’s Progress Report Day 90

    I didn’t really get anything done, except writing a progress report and seeing if YWW has an annual plan. Let’s hope day 91 goes better.

  • Bethany’s Progress Report Day 89

    I made a cover photo for Kontent, and had a meeting about BuhkhuB with Luke. BuhkhuB is likely to change a bit. I’ll have to write surveys and stuff, and pray about it. We’ll see. That’s alll!

  • Phillip’s Progress Report Day 89

    Today, I didn’t get a lot done because I am doing a lot of travel planning. However, I did manage to mostly complete our social media accounts setup. I also fine-tuned the content logo and cover photo for Kontent that Bethany created.

  • Bethany’s Progress Report Day 88

    The first thing I did on day 88, besides the stuff I do every day, was write feedback for Ava. That still needs to be reviewed. I also designed a logo/pfp for Kontent. I will probably design a cover photo on Day 89.

    Also, I finished reading Start Here yesterday. I’m not going to be starting on another helpful book like that, because I’m about to be traveling next week.

    And that’s all!

  • Phillip’s Progress Report Day 88

    Today, I spent the majority of my workday setting up social media for Kontent. I set up Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • Bethany’s Progres Report Day 87

    Most of my time on day 87 was spent reading Ava’s story, which I will write feedback for on day 88, hopefully. I also did my standard everyday work stuff. Oh, yes. I also sent an email to Leya with the posts about editors that I wrote.